Hello. My name is Craig, but I go by Julian because it’s my middle name and how I can tell whether packages in the mail belong to me or my father. I’m 21 years old and live in Georgia and have lived there my whole life. I go to Kennesaw State University (formerly called Southern Polytechnic State University and I was there when it still was[Go HORNETS!!!]) and am majoring in Mechanical engineering Technology having transferred from Mechatronics Engineering which I discovered doesn’t suit my more….hands on interests. I have been an active participant in KSU’s electrical vehicle team for two years except for last year where I didn’t participate because I had to deal with personal issues.┬áRight now I’m teaching myself web development skills such as html and ruby programming, and going to school of course! I also work at a small Dunkin Donuts on the corner of Dallas highway and Barret Parkway where I make your coffee as good as I would make mine.