Electric Skateboard

Intro to DIY electrical street surfing death trap

it was the end of spring 2014 and I had just came home from Indiana where I was participating in a EV grand prix in Indiana with the electrical vehicle team at my school. A buddy of mine who I really admired was driving me home and I just had to ask how did he get so skilled in electronics and how was he able to make a robot. What he said to me that day just made so much sense that it pretty much changed my life. “Just work on your own projects when you’re not at school.” With this life changing phrase ringing in my head I awoke the next day with the determination and ambition to create the greatest piece of machinery I possible could.

The ceiling on my engineering dreams


When I realized that wasn’t possible I decided to convert one of my skateboards to an electric vehicle. My electric skateboard was culminated from a various instructions from a bundle of instructables and blogs(mainly these two, but any way…. I made an electric skateboard for fun and to get my hands dirty with, what I consider my first real engineering project.

I’m on the road to this guy’s level.


Board: Longboard Deck – Drop Down 9.4 x 38 Black Concave Maple – Symmetrical Shape

Wheels:  Blank 90mm Pro Flywheels

Trucks : Paris 180mm Longboard Trucks

Paris 180mm Longboard Trucks + Blank 90mm Pro Flywheels + Free Bearings Hardware


ESC:  HobbyKing 120A Boat ESC 4A UBEC


Batteries : 2 x RC ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 20C

RC ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 20C

Motor: NTM Prop Drive 50-60 270KV / 2400W


Motor mount: A special alien drive systems motor mount that comes standard with the alien drive’s electric skateboard kit, but I was able to negotiate to get only the motor mount.

Pulley and other gears:

I originally bought a pulley and a main cog that came detached but I wasn’t able to use it with the wheel so I bought another cog that attaches to the wheel.

I also bought a timing belt.

Controller: HPI TF-11 2.4GHZ Radio Transmitter & TF-11 Receiver Savage Flux XS RS4 Vorza

Complete board



P.S: Please ignore the date on the video I forgot to change the date when I reset my camcorder.